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Bitcoin is a REAL thing.  It is not just a fly by night idea that somehow turned into a headline, it is a REAL thing, tied to REAL money and it is time to understand it and other things like it work NOW.  

I started in Bitcoin as a miner in 2014. There I was sitting clicking through Youtube and this simple cartoon video about Bitcoin popped up in my feed. I usually don’t pay attention to Youtube videos but this time was different. There was something about how Bitcoin operated that intrigued me and I needed some extra cash. At the time, mining was the hip new thing in blockchain, tons of people were doing it so I thought, “Hey, what do I have to lose?” 

The first thing I did was buy this big clunky bitcoin Mining machine from Amazon and plugged it upstairs. Granted, it was a loud machine that ran all day and night in order to generate bitcoin but hey, free money! I ended up generating around 10,000 dollars in Bitcoin in under a year! Unfortunately, I blew all that money on the electric bill and had to unplug the machine. However, it didn’t stop my passion for Bitcoin trading if anything it emboldened it. I knew I was onto something that could change the banking industry forever. 

Flash forward, with the advancement of technology I found better ways to get bitcoin as well as other cryptos without blowing up the electric bill. Here are 5 things I learned about cryptocurrency.

5 Things I learned about cryptocurrency

5. Coinbase is Awesome – I know many people think of Bitcoin as the only crypto and some have found other platforms to buy and sell crypto but Coinbase is honestly very easy to use and you can move your money quickly and easily in and out of your account. It also has a full trading platform with Coinbase Pro that you can trade like the New York Stock Exchange! The best part of the platform is that is very educational and actually pays you to learn about different cryptocurrency through its earn program.  For the entrepreneurs, it boasts a very generous referral program that can be used to even generate more money!

4. Some crypto have an APY (annual percentage yield) through Staking = Free money!- Some Cryptocurrency actually pays you for holding it as part of the system of how more of the coin is generated.  What that means is that Just as banks pay an annual percentage to people that hold their money in an account on an annual basis, some Crytpo has an APY that is sometimes paid on a weekly basis. 

That’s right folks a passive income from doing nothing. Hard to believe? Well, when I invested in Tezos it gives me a message like the one in the following picture of when to expect my rewards!

Tezos Rewards

3. Crytotab Browser is BIG! Imagine surfing the internet and getting paid in Bitcoin for doing so.  Well, YOU CAN!! Yes with CryptoTab Browser!  It is a browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer that uses the bandwidth from surfing the internet to generate FREE BITCOIN! Yes, this is both amazing and remarkable, but is the next evolution mining for coins?  At the very least there is no more setting up a loud expensive miner when you can just use the browser and add your friends and families through their referral program. 
2. IN 7 years Bitcoin went up 25,570% Yes you read that correctly this is stunning and the best reason to get into the crypto market.  While many feel that the market is very volatile I see it as the next best thing to finding a huge piece of gold during the gold rush and being of only a few people that know where the mine is.  For years people have discounted the longevity of crypto and saw it as a novelty……they still do so while they are not looking to get SOME NOW!!!!!!1. Blockchain technology is the future NOW Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin. It is the most secure way to send a transaction without a third-party totally decentralized.  With Ethereuim we have the introduction of smart contracts that soon more advances that will both change the current landscape of various industries but also make a major impact on what we consider an asset.
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