Top 3 Coins to make a Quick Profit

As I am scanning this week for great Crypto purchases I see a few coins that are real lighting up the markets. While Bitcoin is always a win for me, I see some trends that make short-term investing since. Today I see 3 gems that are a most have in your portfolio.

Ethereum and Ethereum classic are gaining over 8 percent currently. While I usually say leave these coins alone and wait for a dip Ethereum has went up 54% in a month while Ethereum Classic went up 225% 🤑

One of my main staples is the coin Compound it is down today about 3% but in a month has went up 316%!!! You see you just have to hodl when I tell you to hold!

Stay tuned for some more picks when I get around to them and remember to hold until you hit your target profit which we will discuss later.

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