Bitcoin “We Still Here!”

Volatility is one thing but the last few months even had me scared….. But …..Bitcoin is still in the building in this Crypto world!!!!!

As the owner of Black Bitcoin Mining and Investing I just want to come back to you after all the scared money left the table and talk to you about what are the best options to obtain bitcoin and strategies to profit from bitcoin. I recently downloaded a few apps and I’m learning to gather APY.

Isn’t that exciting!!

In future articles I will start talking about stable coins bitcoins and further diversification Crypto profit strategies. While I will recommend coins on an individual basis i recommend strategy on what to do with the profits come in or how to wire more stable profits through the reinvestment. In the meantime stop hiding under the table and let’s make some money. Plus we’re gonna talk about the actual technologies that are coming out that I think I’m pretty awesome but I’m still trying to figure out how to get into even on a heighten basis and of course we will talk about mining!

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