Top 3 Coins to buy right NOW!!

Ok it’s the weekend and Mother’s Day and as I stuff my face and secretly hate parts family, I have come out with some picks that should brighten the day.

What is this analysis based off of?


and knowing the price of Crypto decreases for some reason over the weekend. Maybe that’s when everyone is taking a profit!?

Anyway, Cartesi has been up 112% in a week and the price is around $1 I suggest holding this to see if you can double your money. Maker, is down now but went up 141% in a month. This means reading the tea leaves and hodl.

Finally I want to suggest EOS, which is one of my old friends as it went up 50% in a month and a week! This means it’s something special going on around it that is way to boring and o read about but hold this for a while.

How do I make money with Blockchain?

What the hell is Blockchain and how do I make it rain moneys?!

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger. That means the people using it are part of the distribution. This is important because it cannot be altered because everyone has the same records. Cool, but how does that translate into money? Well young Padawan instead of me making a list I will share this info graphics and let you resize it yourself! I hope you come up with a fantastic idea that you can cut me in on.

See I could have typed all of that but this way is more colorful and exciting. Stay tuned for some stunning crypto news, top picks and information on mining.

Top 3 Coins to make a Quick Profit

As I am scanning this week for great Crypto purchases I see a few coins that are real lighting up the markets. While Bitcoin is always a win for me, I see some trends that make short-term investing since. Today I see 3 gems that are a most have in your portfolio.

Ethereum and Ethereum classic are gaining over 8 percent currently. While I usually say leave these coins alone and wait for a dip Ethereum has went up 54% in a month while Ethereum Classic went up 225% 🤑

One of my main staples is the coin Compound it is down today about 3% but in a month has went up 316%!!! You see you just have to hodl when I tell you to hold!

Stay tuned for some more picks when I get around to them and remember to hold until you hit your target profit which we will discuss later.